I started my first job in a pre-cast-making company for concrete materials. It was very terrifying on the first day. I remember going there in the morning. Of course, you had all the energy because you wanted to have the check. I have a family of four and I need to make sure that they can find food.

When they (new managers) saw me, they asked, ‘Can you measure, can you write?’ I said yes. So, they took me to a special team that was working on designing, measuring, and interpreting blueprints. I was told that they get good money. They were very happy. But the job was tough. You will bend the rebars; you put the rebars on your back, on your shoulder, and you’re going to have to tie them, until you poured concrete on them, just to make sure that you have that final product. So that’s a tough job. I remember going back home and my wife said, ‘Can you eat?’ I said, ‘I’m not even interested in the food. I’m tired.’https://www.nhbr.com/qa-nh-songa-ceo-jean-hakuzimana/

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